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QONIAon - VET Qualification Practice for e-Inclusion


A lack of information about Research and Development competencies has been identified in the New Member States (NMS) and Associated Countries where competencies are not systematically gathered or are not sufficiently known. The QONIAon project "VET Qualification Practice for e-Inclusion" is a try to integrate the efforts of partners mainly from NMS and AC to transfer the developed in the Leonardo da Vinci project “VET4e-Inclusion” idea for e-facilitator as instrument for e-Inclusion with it's curriculum, methodology, technology, experience, appropriate LMS, content and use case scenarios. Based on this the core idea of the project is an innovation transfer to Turkey and Greece of the developed curriculum for creating "e-facilitators", being the European Vocational Education and Training Solution for eInclusion and for bridging the digital divide. The developed under “VET4e-Inclusion” eFacilitator curriculum is with aspects of community management, regional networking, management of the network center, workshop planning and promotion of employability and core ICT competences. It has been developed as a flexible and adaptable tool to qualify e-facilitators for social inclusion in selected national contexts.

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30 August 2015

“Elektronik Ortama Katılım İçin Mesleki Eğitimde Nitelik Arttırıcı Uygulamalar” projesi kapsamında

“MOLE Platformunda dezavantajlı kesimler için dijital okuryazarlık ve ötesi” Eğitimi

01-04Eylül 2015

Konya Lisesi,

Selçuk Üniversitesitarafından düzenlenecektir.